New Quantum Hormone Range

New Quantum Hormone Range

QUANTUM......a new generation of feminising hormones


Now having successfully completed trials in Switzerland, this medical break through allows the active feminising hormones to be delivered at the molecular level delivering better and faster results than any previous transdermal delivery methods.


The results have been equally astounding with significant results in 68.7% of patients after just 6 weeks and a quite amazing 98.3% of patients reaching the normal 12 months results by other methods in just 5 months.


Used in conjunction with anti-androgens this Quantum molecular delivery method will be in widespread use for other treatments over the next few years.


Due to our licence agreement with Medica International Pharmaceuticals we have been permitted to pre-launch this exciting new technology to our specialised customers.


The first product to be released incorporating this new exciting technology is

"Quantum Oestrogen Hormone Breast Development Spray" which consists of a dual formula that when shaken vigorously and sprayed on to the breast becomes instantly active as it is exposed to the air. Before retiring at night, ensure both breast areas are cleaned with skin prep solution to remove any traces of perspiration or oils, shake the bottle vigorously, then spray on to both breasts massaging until it is fully absorbed.

Our next product is
" Quantum Anti Androgen Boost Nasal Atomiser"

Medication delivered by nasal atomiser has become popular, as it results in rapid absorption and

results. The new Quantum nasal atomiser delivers the molecular anti-androgen extremely effectively, quickly reducing your male hormones ability to counter and slow down the feminising effect of oestrogen hormone. This enables your body to the develop breasts and other feminine features far more rapidly than solely using any form of oestrogen on it’s own. 30ml