Greatest Ever Sale

Greatest Ever Sale !!


Upto 80% OFF.


Yes –everything you buy from our Shops is reduced by upto 80%.


80% OFF ALL Magazines

80% OFF ALL Books

50% OFF ALL Breast Development Products

50% OFF ALL Hormone Products

50% OFF ALL Hormone Kits & Courses

50% OFF ALL Silicone Breasts and Latex Breasts

50% OFF ALL Wigs ,Cosmetics & Jewellery

50% OFF ALL Stockings and Tights


40% OFF ALL Realistic Vaginas

30% OFF ALL Clothing and Underwear.

30% OFF ALL Funwear, Uniforms, Sex Toys

25% OFF ALL Shoes and Boots

25% OFF ALL Victorian Corsets and Girdles

To claim any of the above discounts in our Transformation Shops you MUST print this page out and hand it to our staff.