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Sara's Magical Day
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f977_2452sara.jpgSam takes a deep breath, to calm his nerves and walks into our Manchester shop. Angela doesn’t waste any time and gives Sam a warm welcome. Sam tells Angela that he wants to experience a Transformation Magical day, and tells Angela he doubts that they can make him look very feminine. Angela asks Sam what his femme name is, “ Its Sara” replies Sam. “Well come on Sara, lets get your Transformation into a beautiful woman started, our Shellie(who has 5 years experience working at the Manchester shop) will be your assistant for the day” says Angela.

f977_2462sara9.jpgf977_2453sara2.jpgSara follows Shellie up the stairs to the first floor and into the large well stocked wardrobe room. Shellie takes a few basic measurements and before you know it, she has Sara in a cashe-sex, panty girdle, suspenderbelt, lace top stockings, 4 inch black patent high heels, and a satin and lace victorian hourglass corset to pull Saras waist in about 4inches. From the look on Sara`s face ,her nerves have now disappeared and she is really enjoying every moment being corseted by Shellie.

f977_2454sara3.jpgShellie has completed Sara`s hourglass shaping, and also inserted into her lacey bra, a pair of Crème de la crème silicone breasts-C cups. Sara has spotted the dress she wants to wear, its quite short with long sleeves and a high neck. Shellie reckons it will look fabulous on her, and tells Sara that the dress has just been added to the wardrobe, and that she will the first girl to wear it.