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sounding1.jpg2 years of intensive research has been invested in the world's only speech therapy course for transsexuals and transvestites. For the first time it is possible for you to develop a feminine voice, completing the final but vital step in achieving convincing femininity. Stephanie Anne Lloyd travelled to the US to enlist the help of many Institutions and Universities who have made invaluable contributions to this unique and exclusive home training course. It consists of a full training manual accompanied by three CDs which take you through detailed voice exercises allowing you to practice and evaluate your progress. Includes large Manual and three CDs.

new__queen__lash_48fd976790633.jpgThe Queen of Lashes. Our longest, thickest, flirtiest black lashes. Get that instant sexy Glamour girl look. Self adhering with spare adhesive. only £19.99 $39 €29.