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Iam 76 years of age. I feel a bit of an old fool asking this, but am I too old to come into one of your shops for a 'Transformation'? I have always had a very strong urge to do this, I do not know why! Sadly my wife died recently and now , on my own, I do not feel as though I would be letting her down, what do you think? I read your column regularly and always think you offer very good advice.

Tommy from Blackburn

Angela says

Tommy you are certainly not too old. I have dealt with a customer of 92 yrs! We can't make you look 18 again, but we can make you look a very attractive mature lady. Trust me! We can! You have suppressed your feminine side for too long, although I quite understand why. Now is the time to take action. Pop into our Manchester Shop to experience the high standard of customer service and allow the staff to work their magic. It will be a delightful experience, one to treasure! Give the shop a ring first for more re-assurance, just do it!

My Husband came home from the pub recently and disclosed that he wanted to Cross-Dress, I was horrified at first, but I do love him and want to try and understand. I found your website, which was a great relief as it looks so professional and respectable. Can I ask you Angela, does he want to do this because I'm not women enough for him? This has made me feel really inadequate.

Gemma from Stockport

Angela says

This is nothing to do with you or what you have or have not done. I can assure you of that! He probably finds you very attractive and wants to emulate you! Some men dress, some men do not and nobody knows why. Dressing does not emasculate your fella and is often not sexually motivated. We all have a mixture of masculine/feminine qualities. He is probably kind, caring and sensitive. Enjoy those qualities, remember he is doing nothing illegal or immoral. Some women know about their man dressing but don's want to witness it, others can accept it. If it's controlled! Perhaps you could set 'boundaries' of times when dressing is acceptable to you and when its not. You may decide its not appropriate in front of you. Take it slowly and keep the lines of communication open. He will feel tremendous relief that you 'know' and hopefully his now 'shared secret' will pull you together even more. Good luck!