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Dear Angela

I have been cross-dressing for a number of years and have finally come to the conclusion after many years that the real me is Susan and not my male persona. How do I start the transformation? I do not wish to consult my GP if possible.

I live in Kent, is there a place I can go for a consultation that’s nearby? in London for example.

Lotsa Love

Susan from London

Angela says

You do need to speak to someone about your feelings of Transexuality. The Albany Clinic in Manchester deals with all aspects of Gender Dysphoria, this would be ideal for you. To book a consultation, you can ring them anytime. As it is a private clinic, you do not need to go to your GP first to obtain a letter of referral.

The Albany Clinic was opened some 20 Years ago, by Transsexual Stephanie Anne Lloyd. She and her dedicated team of staff are extremely qualified to understand your needs, and work hard to monitor and maintain the high ethical standards necessary in such a special place; thus it is difficult to have a ‘branch’ in the south of England.

However do not despair if you cannot travel north just yet, all the staff in our ‘Transformation Shops’ are fully trained to help and advise people like yourself. In the shops you can buy non-prescriptive hormone products which might be a good idea, just to ‘test the water’. London Transformation is at 50-52 Eversholt Street, just around the corner from Euston main line station. Pop in and have a chat, you will be made very welcome.

I am not gay, but I go out dressed to a gay club in town. I have to hide away in a corner. I feel that the gay men are quite hostile to me. Why?

Joanna from Cheadle


Angela says

Gay men have a form of radar which enhances them to recognise others of the same persuasion.They are possibly suspicious of you and sense that you are not gay. If you would like to meet other TVS (most of whom are hetro sexual) there are other options. Transformation in Manchester is holding a Halloween party fun day on Saturday 28th October. This would be an ideal opportunity to meet others. Arrange for a group of TVS to go to the gay village.Generally everyone is accepted. I am sure that you would not feel so self conscious. You would have others to bolster your confidence and you could possibly have a fun time.Let us know how you get on !

I am desperate to meet other people who dress. Sometimes I feel so lonely and isolated I would give anything to have a friend who understands. Do you have a suggestion?