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Please advice, I am in a bit of a dilemma. I have a date with a lovely girl in a couple of weeks and would really like to get to know her better. I am terrified of her finding out that I am a cross-dresser. This is an instant worry and because of it I usually avoid getting involved, but I would love a partner. Should i tell her on our first date.

Peter from Norwich


Angela says

Peter this is a frequently asked question and I can understand your concern. Some women do not understand at all just how harmless cross-dressing is. Some women do not mind being aware, but do not like to see it manifest. Then you get the women who don not mind at all and positively encourage the hobby. But don't let happiness pass you by, simply because of a fear. Life is about taking chances. Look forward to your date and remember it would not be appropriate to discuss anything of such a private intimate nature, so early in a relationship anyway. Proceed with caution by all means, but please do not let it hold you back. Some Men feel deceitful if they can not be totally honest and whilst this is admirable in most circumstances, remember by dressing you are giving yourself a relaxation which is essential and necessary for you. This in turn makes you a calmer, better person for any relationships you are involved with. Why not be totally discreet and spend a few hours having a confidential make-over at one of our 'Transformation Shops' Good luck on your date I hope it goes well.

My wife found my 'Girly Clothing' recently and has threatened to divorce me because she thinks I am odd. She wants me to go to counselling, but I know that I cannot give it up, I do not want to lose her. What can I do?

Bob from Stockport


Angela says

You could try and explain just how harmless Cross-Dressing is and that it does not affect your sexuality. If that is a no go area and you want to retain the relationship, then I am afraid you have to be discreet in future and perhaps not dress at home. Remember (Transformation Cross-Dressing service at all our Shops). By all means go to counselling with your wife which could perhaps give you the safe opportunity to discuss issues with a third party, you could not discuss at home. You can also request to speak to the counsellor by yourself which might help you to come to terms with any negative feelings you might have about Cross-Dressing. You could of course also pop into the nearest Transformation Shop and have a chat with all our understanding staff.


What can you suggest to hide my 'beard area', my make-up always seems to have a 'blue tinge' and I feel this is a dead giveaway when I go out dressed.

Louise from Manchester


Angela says

For your make-up to last, you must use an 'oil based' foundation , applied sparingly with a damp sponge (Miracle Beard Cover Cream) and then set with the complimentary loose powder. Water based make-up products do not provide the necessary consistency for enduring cover.

You can of course use the shop sold 'Hormone Based Cream' to minimise the growth rate and lighten the colour of the facial hair.