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When I'm dressed in my favorite hookers outfit I fantasise about being picked up by a man in a flashy jag. Am I gay? I love my wife and family. She knows about my secret habit but does not want anyone else to know.

Mandy from Birmingham


Angela says

Most male TVS that dress are hot blooded hetrosexual guys who are married or have a female partner.They would not be interested in other men sexually.Dressing is a fantasy world, you can be who or what you want to be and mentally create all manner of circumstances. Most men who dress respect and admire women tremendously and dream about what it would like to actually be a woman. Perhaps it is part of your bedroom routine this is your private business. It does not mean that you are gay or bi-sexual. You are most fortunate that your wife accepts your hobby and there is no reason why anyone else should find out.When your young son becomes older adjust your routine. But don’t worry for now just have fun!


Whats the best way to put stiletto seam stockings on. I can never get the seams right

Stacey from Bolton


Angela says

Always ensure that you have your toe nails cut short. Men sometimes forget to do this. Roll your stocking slowley up and over the ankle. It is a good idea to wear a suspender belt with six suspenders (available from transformation) rather than a convential four.This would control the positioning of your stockings better.It is really a question of practice makes perfect. A good girlie tip for you – always purchase two pairs of stockings. The reason being if you ladder one you still have three stockings left. This is far more economical and your stockings will last longer.


Ive always had man boobs. I love them, am I a she male?

Christine from Manchester


Angela says

Lots of TVS have man boobs some are natural and others are cultivated by taking hormone product. Some males fantasise about having breast but cannot have them because of personal circumstances. The reasons why males want breast are varied it could be a sexual connection or maybe your instincts are perhaps transexual and you would like to feel more feminine naturaly.She males have a tendancy to go to more extreme lengths to have breast and have surgery with breast implants. They still however keep their penis. Generally ( there are exceptions to every rule) she males are gay or bi sexual and possibly motivated by sexual reasons to appeal to a wider audience.