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Got a burning question ? Need an answer to a dilemma ? Then ask Angela.

Angela has worked for Transformation for over 10 years, being involved with many shop openings and staff training in the UK, Ireland and Germany. Angela has an amazing wealth of knowledge re crossdressing having met and spoken personally to 1000s on Transvesties, crossdresser and male to female Transsexuals and their partners . As Angela trained as a counsellor, there is no one better able to answer your questions.

If you would like to send Angela a question email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

How can I convince myself cross dressing is not wrong. I sometimes feel so bad and so guilty, I am married you see!

John from Cambridge


Angela says

Stop beating yourself up John. I can assure you it is not wrong, nor is it illegal. You are in very good company with your hobby. Men from top professional positions right through to unemployed people enjoy this interest. Most are married, all different age groups, shapes and sizes. Nobody knows why some men dress, some men do not. The medical profession do not even know. If only people generally could be educated to realise just how harmless cross dressing is! It does not mean you are about to change your sexualtiy. You have to realise this is natural and a necessity for your well being. It does not go away if you ignore how you feel, or do not make provision to explore your need (discreetly), you will feel irritable, frustrated and fed up. Ignoring your need could even make you depressed. I am sure your wife would prefer a happy contented man. So no regrets, dress discreetly and enjoy exploring your feminity.

I take a 'man' size 10 shoe. What size will I need in a ladies size? I hve been tempted to buy them mail order, but I guess it is better if I can try them on first. Can I try them on in a Transformation shop?

Barry From Wigan

Angela says

Yes! of course Barry. Transformation stocks shoes up to a size 12 and they are wider in fitting and stronger than those found in high street stores. Wearing high heeled shoes pushes the body weight forward, so you will probably need a size larger than normal, in your case a size 11. Most people have one foot slightly larger than the other and you can compensate for this by wearing an insole sock in the looser shoe. Transformation stocks classic lines in the main shoes and boots to go with every outfit, whether it is worn indoors or outdoors. They also stock very reasonable priced thigh length PVC boots for that special occasion.