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There is nothing to compare to the feeling of having your own feminine breasts, the sensuous feeling as they move in time with your body-breasts are the only prominent , obvious sexual feature of either sex and are on display all of the time.

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All you will ever need and more

Nowhere else will you find such a comprehensive range of products and services offered to Transvestites and crossdresssers, all in complete confidence. With almost 25 years experience in catering for the needs of Transvestites, Crossdressers and Transsexuals, we are confident that you will find all you need and more at Transformation shops to fulfil your feminine desires. However, occasionally we are asked for something new or items not stocked, if that’s the case, and you want a service or product not normally provided , rest assured where possible we will do our utmost to satisfy your personal requirements- Please just let us know.

Here is our range of Transformation services, that you will find available at all our shops.

1. Transformation Dressing Service. For complete he to she make overs, we call it a “CHANGEAWAY”. No appointments required, available all day, every day.

2. Free personal dressing advisory service. Just call into any of our shops and free of charge the staff will show you how feminine you really could look. With their assistance you can try on all the female body shaping items, including Silicone breasts and tight lacing corsets. Everything you will need to transform yourself into a beautiful lady, with no obligation to buy.

3. Free Feminine Hormone advisory service. For many years we have been fulfilling the hopes and dreams of many transvesites who want to take there crossdressing a step further and feminise their own body. Our staff really are the experts when it comes to advising you on which feminising hormone treatments you should use, to achieve your goal of ultimate femininity. Breast development and hourglass body shaping being the most popular.

4. Make up and change facilities, for all those girls who regularly go out dressed. Why not let our staff apply your make-up professionally, so you do look your feminine best, and then use our changing rooms and bathrooms to change back to your male clothes later. You will also have peace of mind because our staff will ensure that before you step outside, you truly look convincingly female.

5. Make up lessons. Mastering the art of make up application can take years of practice. All our staff are fully trained make up artists and beauticians. With one of our make up lessons you will learn, step by step all you need to know about the basic principles of applying make up. With lots of emphasis on covering up your dark shadow and making the very best of your own facial features. You wont learn everything in one lesson, we do suggest a course of 6. Alternatively you could purchase our Make up lesson video VHS or CD. Stephanie is the model and she will explain just how its done.

6. Free Wig fitting. Selecting the right wig that suits your face shape and feminine image you want to achieve is vital. Theres no more a give away, than a transvestite wearing the wrong style, length or colour of wig. In the privacy of our beauty salon, with one of our staff you can try on all the wigs styles and colours you wish, till you find the one that’s just for you.

7. Wig Restyling. Once you’ve bought your own wig, eventually,with all the wear and tare it will need washing and restyling. Just drop your wig in(or post) to any of our shops and we will be happy to wash and restyle it, you will be surprised how good and new it can look.

8. Female clothing storage. Storing all your female clothing at home, can present a big problem to many of our transvestite customers. Stop worrying, just fetch all your feminine goodies to us , in a secure case or bag and leave it with us. You will have unlimited access to your items during our opening hours.