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Below are a selection of the many many letters we receive thanking our shop staff for the enjoyment that shop visitors have experiences while at one of our shops.

Many thanks for your help recently. As you now know I visited your London shop unexpectedly
yesterday as I realised I couldnt make next week after all and what an amazing
experience it turned out to be.

I dont think I was ever made to feel so welcome in a shop
before, it felt like more of a spiritual event than a shopping expedition;
many, many thanks to Samantha & Karitas. I left your shop feeling freed from decades of
suppressed emotion and truly I
havent felt so good about myself in many a year.

If anybody who has only ever cross dressed on their own
before and has any doubts about making such a step by visiting such an
establishment (and believe me I can understand) just try it otherwise you'll
never know what you have missed.

Once again thank you to Samantha & Karitas for making it
such a special day.



Dear Transformation.
I was completely overwhelmed by the welcome and the care and attention I was given by two of your shop staff this week. So much so that I feel words cannot express my gratitude. I cant wait to spend some more time being pampered again very soon,in fact I fully intend to attend one of the up coming hotels “getaways” and im very excited that the opportunity is even available, it seems there is no end to the attention your company and obviously well picked staff afford to the transgendered community. I wanted to say since presenting myself to your staff as a shy nervous (wreck) of a gurl I have already gained the confidence to step outside and have never ever felt so happy and contented in my life. There isn’t a higher praise I can offer than that. I hope to return tomorrow, a few little extras id like to pick up and despite the fact it’s a 70 mile drive each way, the experience is just so wonderful that I cant imagine a nicer place to spend a few hours. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you’re all wonderful.
With love


Dear Stephanie.
I am writing to thank you for all your help and hospitality on my recent visit to your London shop. I am delighted with the make up and my wig and how it has really transformed me. Your sincerely


To the people of transformation thank you for making me feel welcome when I entered the shop today, and was surprised at the level of service, I would recommend you to any other people I know who are transvestite and transsexual.


Dear ladies. Just to say a very sincere thank you for making my first changeaway such an enjoyable experience last Saturday. Then being my first time, it was very daunting to start out with , but how quickly you made me feel at ease.
When I started to dress and gradually Transform, I began to realy relax and enjoy the experience. By the time I was fully made up I could have stayed for hours. It was such a shame I had to leave. You are lovely caring ladies without which the enjoyment would not have been the same.
Very sincerely yours


After a lot of nagging from my partner I visited your London shop. I want you to know that all my worries were unfounded. I was made to feel completely at ease. My partner loves my new Siloxane Silicone breasts and insists I wear them all the time, especially in bed!
Lots of love
Sandra – Scotland


I went to the London shop today for the very first time, unsure of precisely what I was looking for. I was served by Elaine, who was understanding, efficient and most of all, very knowledgeable about what I would need and how best to go about getting what I wanted. All in all, a truly excellent experience that made me feel utterly at home. Thank you so much, you make the transgendered shopping experience a thoroughly memorable one!
Portia - Rome


I was in Manchester yesterday on business and called into your shop. I would like to compliment you and your staff. Never have I been made more welcome by such kind and understanding ladies. How nice to be dealt with in a sympathetic way by people who don’t think you are some kind of pervert. I was also very pleased with the vagina that I bought, its almost been on ever since. Thanks again and keep up the good work.
Sarah – Leeds


I am just writing to say thank you for a very memorable day at your Birmingham shop. To be fully dressed for the first time ever, was an unbelievable experience, one I will never forget. Id like to thank you all for making me feel very welcome from the moment I came in. I am looking forward to visiting you again in the very near future.
Nadine – Devon


As a new girl to the world of Transformation, I was delighted at the variety of goods available by Mail Order in your catalogue. However, I decided that before buying, I would go to one of your shops and see the goods for myself. I have nothing but praise for the friendly, helpful and understanding staff I met there and the way they made everyone feel so relaxed.

Samantha’s Story It could be you!

Dear Stephanie,
Re Manchester Shop Employee:- Gaynor

I would like to send this e-mail to express how delighted I was that Gaynor is still working for you.

Eight years ago, I learned about Transformation. During this time, it took me a year to pluck up sufficient courage to telephone the shop and speak to one of your advisors.

As it so happened, a young lady by the name of Gaynor answered the telephone and she detected instantly that it was my first time and that I was very very nervous. I explained somewhat shyly to this lady what my situation was and how frightened I was of revealing myself since I could not bare the thought of being ridiculed and laughed at.

I was somewhat relieved to find that on the phone, Gaynor was very understanding and reassuring at this time that was all so important to me as I was petrified. Gaynor however persuaded me to visit the shop and phone from the telephone box outside if I found it impossible to come through the door.

Quite right! I got as far as the telephone box and lost my nere so I called the shop and asked for Gaynor. When she heard
I was outside, she immediately told me not to worry and she would come out to get me.

Never having met this lady before (she was just a voice on the telephone), I was extremely apprehensive. However, Gaynor came out and escorted me into the shop, made me coffee and made me feel welcome. I’m sure you can understand my relief when I met her for the first time and realised what a delightful and understanding lady she is.

I have to say at first that I was extremely embarrassed and did not know what to do but Gaynor, being the very nice understanding lady that she is, made me feel extremely comfortable and within an hour, I had calmed down.

I seemed to strike a chord with Gaynor and felt very comfortable in revealing my problem which she was very understanding about and she discussed with me for a while what I was feeling.

Having said all that, I left your premises feeling completely at home and no longer felt shy thanks to Gaynor.

During the next six months, I called your shop many times but I would only speak to Gaynor because with her I felt comfortable.

After a while, Gaynor had given me so much confidence that much to my amazement, I actually said to myself why worry? I came round to your shop dressed as a woman and walked through as if I had been visiting your shop for many years and was among friends, something I have to say would never have been possible but for this lady boosting one’s confidence.

Subsequently, I went overseas and have not been into your establishment for five years plus. However, as Gaynor once said to me all those years ago, you can fight it but it will never leave you, just accept the way you are. Everyone is an individual and you should not worry so much. Feel free to come into the shop anytime and don’t worry, I will be there.

She was right of course, it has come back, perhaps it has never left me. I feel better as a woman than as a man, pity the world stereotypes, every one is it not, may I ask how did you cope at first? Well back to my story.

Having returned from overseas recently, I decided to reassess the situation but of course I have lost my nerve again so I started to contact Transformation via the internet. Again I had to call the number and spoke to a lady called Vicky who was very friendly and understanding. Whilst talking to her, I asked if a lady called Gaynor still worked for you and to my surprise the answer was yes.

I called Gaynor on the phone and said who I was. Amazingly, she remembered me and gave me reassurance and that gave me all the confidence I needed. Since then, I have visited the shop many times and made various purchases. Thanks to Gaynor, I feel free again and happy to walk through your doors.

I have always found Gaynor to be an exceptionally caring and understanding lady and as long as I know that she works at Transformation, I will never have any fears of entering.

I would like to thank Gaynor for all that she has done for me and for making me feel safe, secure and unafraid of life. I don’t know if it is policy but I would appreciate it if you would pass on my fondest wishes to her, a wonderful lady.

Yours Sincerely