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Rachel recently emailed us with her comments on our Changeaway Service, and was kind enough to allow us to post them on the site. So here, in her own words, is the story of her Changeaway.

It started last week when I found the website. I was very interested, so I looked at every link in the site. One of these links led me to the Changeaway service. My interest now deepened.

I followed up this interest with a reconnaissance mission to the local (Manchester) Transformation shop, which I entered somewhat tentatively. The shop lady, Susan, noticed that I was a bag of nerves and immediately took me under her wing, made me some coffee and explained all the services that were on offer. Susan was extremely patient as I fired off a never-ending string of questions, every one of which she answered fully, sometimes with a practical demonstration. Susan suggested I give myself a femme name and I chose Rachel.

Now my appetite was whetted and I resolved to return for the four-hour stay. I could not stay on that day, as there was not enough time since I had to meet a train at a given time.

Today, seven days after the reconnaissance mission, I steeled myself and took the plunge. On entering the shop I was greeted by Chrissie, who answered some more questions before I finally decided to have a Changeaway. I went for the 'Just For You' look, recommended by Susan and Chrissie. Chrissie took me to the wardrobe and helped me choose an outfit. I had already given some thought to how I wished to look - elegant, rather than sexy or tarty - and Chrissie recommended a lovely three-piece outfit in a soft fabric (I have no idea what it was made of, just that it was soft). We then chose the undergarments together and I dressed in my new look. Chrissie brought me some very elegant court shoes in my size. The fit, like everything else, was perfect.

Chrissie then took me to the salon where she applied make-up. Every move she made was explained as though it were a lesson, which, of course, it was. Then came the fitting of a wig, to which Chrissie took a comb. Last but not least we chose a handbag and some jewellery. Nothing outrageous, just some simple earrings and a choker to help hide that part of the neck where the make-up ended and the colour of my chest began! Voila! Rachel was born. I could not be more surprised when I looked at the finished article in a full-length mirror. Wow! Who was this creature standing before me? Was it really me? Chrissie assured me it was and paid nice compliments on how I looked. She would take none of the credit, insisting she had good material to work with! But most of the credit does go to her.

I relaxed in the lounge, watched a little television, read a couple of magazines, and then took another bold step. I went downstairs into the shop to browse, in the full knowledge that I was likely to meet other customers, and me dressed like I was! I did meet other people and they were all very kind with compliments. I chatted with Chrissie and her colleague Gaynor, and had some more coffee.

Unfortunately time has a habit of rolling on and today was no exception. Before I undressed and removed the make-up Chrissie took my photograph in the lounge. Again, I was amazed at how good I looked.

After putting my own clothes back on, Chrissie checked for traces of make-up and marched me into the salon to remove some I had missed. I made my goodbyes, promising to return (and I will!) and gave Chrissie a little peck on the cheek. You devil!

On my way back into the city I had the some warm glow that I had had ever since Chrissie finished with the make-up and wig. The feeling was absolutely wonderful and was so carried away that I missed my tram stop!

I showed the photo to a friend of mine who is an assistant in a lingerie shop. Like me she was amazed and she too was full of compliments. All these compliments have made me believe that I did actually look good.

I am sorry to have rambled on, but I just had to share this experience with the world at large, and if there is anybody out there who cannot decide whether to have a Changeaway or not, please follow my lead. You will not regret it one iota.

Finally, yes finally, I send out my heartfelt thanks and warm appreciation to Chrissie, Gaynor, Susan and Gail - all of the Manchester shop - and would be happy to know that their efforts have been recognised by the management. With love, Rachel