Half Price, Feminising Hormones, Silicone Breasts and Wigs , check all our  great offers. Dont forget to claim these genuine  50% off retail offers, you must print off the page and hand it to our staff
There is nothing to compare to the feeling of having your own feminine breasts, the sensuous feeling as they move in time with your body-breasts are the only prominent , obvious sexual feature of either sex and are on display all of the time.

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Your choice of:

included1.jpgSilicone Breasts
- small, medium or x large cups, false nipples
Bra - lacy, satin or see thru
Tight lacing corset - to pull your waist in
Gorgeous knickers
Panty girdle or roll-on,
Hip pads
Bottom pads
Femme form
included2.jpgSuspender belt, satin or lacy
Full Slip, Mini or Knee length
Slinky blouse or top
Skirt - mini, knee or maxi length
Dress - mini, knee or maxi lengthincluded3.jpg
Shoes or boots - from a 2 inch up to 6 inch heels
Make up applied by your very own personal assistant
Wig - long, short, straight or curly
Earrings, dangly, clip on
Hair clips - if required
Tiaras - bridal
Evening gloves
Handbags - to keep your valuables with you
included4.jpgMake up remover - don't worry we will check you leave with no traces
Washing/Showering facilities
Clean towels/robes
All your male clothing locked away securely
All the tea and coffee you can drink
Advice on dressing make up and deportment,

Enjoy a "girlie" shopping experience.

Don't forget all the items you have worn and more can be purchased before you leave, and if storing them at home is a problem then lets us keep them safe for you, till you want to come and dress with us again.

Getting you ready will take approx. 1 hour then you have the rest of time with us to totally enjoy being a woman in our company. You may choose to stay in our private "homely" lounges, well stocked with videos, books and mags or with remain us in the shop, meeting and chatting with our other changeaway guests, enjoying our womanly ambience whilst doing what every girl loves---- shopping!