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The Story of Stephanie Anne Lloyd
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f508_1394.jpgIt's hard to think now how different things were for transvestites only a few years ago. Before Transformation, there were no TV shops, only those that catered for the likes of us under the guise of 'television, theatre and drag' suppliers.

There was the national society - the Beaumont Society - but this, at the time, was steeped in the need for complete privacy and confidentiality. Well meaning, but as insular as a medieval leper colony run by the lepers themselves, which even barred gay TVs from membership.

"We seemed to be fighting alone to change the image of transvestites in society, and it was an uphill struggle which the business just couldn't withstand for long," said Stephanie.

"I knew from my experience that transvestites were genuine people who deserved the best service we could give, and both Raiko and David trusted my judgement and commitment. But, for one reason or another, the customers just weren't coming through the door, and I felt it was all my fault.

f508_1395.jpg"It was around then that a lady customer, whom I had got to know quite well, suggested a way of avoiding bankruptcy. What we needed was a specialist service that would appeal to all men, not just TVs. She convinced me that if I offered massages in my flat above the shop - with all the sexual extras - it would all be perfectly legal. She even told me where to go for advice - a solicitor who became my first customer!"

Stephanie found, much to her surprise, that she had the aptitude to make a great hooker. She could be mentally detached yet considerate enough to make sure her customers got just what they wanted, however bizarre that might have been.

For example, there was the man who liked to be wrapped as a parcel in brown paper, and have Stephanie open it up and pretend to be surprised. Or there was the guy who liked to wear her knickers, have fresh eggs put inside them and then have her slap his bottom to break the shells.

Compared to all this, the cross dressing customers in the shop below would have seemed quite normal to anybody.