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The Story of Stephanie Anne Lloyd
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f508_1405.jpg"We moved out of the bustle of Manchester and bought a small holding in a beautiful and tranquil area of Wales. Here I could literally lose myself in the vast openness of the countryside, where David and I can walk together across the hills for miles and never see another soul.

I could also indulge myself in the company of animals. Dogs had always been my most constant and faithful companions, and this was their ideal environment. We started to keep sheep and now even have three adorable llamas. In times of stress there's nothing more relaxing than being out in the fields with the animals. And in the lambing season it's especially magical - that must be my favourite time of the year.

But you can't keep a good workaholic down, and even the distractions of the countryside couldn't keep Stephanie away from the action. She started commuting regularly into the office, and when she wasn't there she kept in constant touch via fax or mobile phone. It wasn't what the doctor had ordered. Again, the stress

took its toll.

Two further strokes followed over the next few years. Each time she has recovered, although the last one has caused some permanent damage to her sight. Next time, she knows she may not be so lucky.

"I know I should slow down, everybody tells me I should, and it makes perfect sense. But we've come so far in a relatively short time, and there's so much more I would like to do. My problem is, I enjoy it so much I just don't want to stop. When I look back at how we started against all the odds and how we had to battle to succeed, it's an achievement I'll always be proud of.

f508_1698.jpgThe growth of Transformation has been an astonishing one. It now has four stores in major UK cities. At the same time, it's extensive mail order and online business serves customers throughout the world.

The Albany Clinic has helped scores of would-be transsexuals to come to terms with their condition, guiding them along the once difficult path towards gender reassignment. It has also provided the necessary counselling for many TVs, for whom the guilt of cross-dressing had become confused with transsexualism, to help them understand how they could learn to enjoy their femininity without any need of surgery.