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Real Life Makeovers
Mark to Martina PDF Print E-mail
See how Mark transforms into Martina. Mark went to the Manchester shop recently for a changeaway and was transformed by Shellie. See the evidence for yourself.

f944_2196.jpgMark takes a deep breath and walks into our Manchester Shop, not knowing what to expect. As you can see here, nobody can see the inside of Transformation shops.

Martina's Magical Day PDF Print E-mail
If you want to experience womanhood, and really cherish how it feels and what its like being a woman for the whole day, then why not try a MAGICAL DAY changeaway at any of our Transformation shops. Here is Martina captured on her very own Magical Day. Isnt she beautiful. Remember on a Magical day , you will have 3 complete make-overs, this allows you to really experiment with your feminine looks. All the time you will be assisted and expertly guided by your own advisor-feminising mentor. Absolutely everything is provided.

f945_2214martina.jpgMark, femme name Martina, stands outside the shop , and wonders nervously how he is going to look and feel. Can they really change me from a forty something, hetro macho male into a convincing 30 something “Sex in the City” girl, an Elegant Lady or even a Virgin Bride. You bet!
Ken To Kathy PDF Print E-mail
f954_2269.jpgSee how Ken is transformed into Kathy by Angela. See the evidence for yourself.

This is Ken, he has been to Transformation shops many times but never tried a Changeaway - well today is his big day. Ken doesn't think he can ever look like a convincing woman
Kathy's Magical Day PDF Print E-mail
f955_2298kathy1.jpgSee how Ken is turned into Kathy for a truely Magical Changeaway.

Ken arrives at the Manchester shop. Nervously he looks back, and thinks to himself “can they really transform me into a beautiful lady”. He takes a big deep breath , walks to the entrance, pulls the door open and walks in. We know this is the hardest part for so many of our first time visitors.
Sara's Magical Day PDF Print E-mail
f977_2452sara.jpgSam takes a deep breath, to calm his nerves and walks into our Manchester shop. Angela doesn’t waste any time and gives Sam a warm welcome. Sam tells Angela that he wants to experience a Transformation Magical day, and tells Angela he doubts that they can make him look very feminine. Angela asks Sam what his femme name is, “ Its Sara” replies Sam. “Well come on Sara, lets get your Transformation into a beautiful woman started, our Shellie(who has 5 years experience working at the Manchester shop) will be your assistant for the day” says Angela.